Teaching and Learning:

Most simply, pedagogy is about how we educate children and help their development. It’s the techniques and strategies we use to provide opportunities for development and how our relationships and interactions with children can affect them.

Learning through play

We believe that all learning is linked, and so every different area of learning can impact the others. We always start with what children can do. Child-initiated play is very important as it means that the child is motivated and engaged.

Every child is offered play opportunities that are right for their age and stage of development to make choices, errors, and decisions independently. This is how they learn what is right for them as an individual as well as plenty of opportunities to talk, listen and communicate with adults and other children. We aim to provide more open-ended resources that allow children to direct their own play and make choices for themselves. We recognise that routine and repetition are important as they help children to find their place in the world.We give children opportunities for independence as early as possible in daily tasks, including self-serving food, or tidying away to develop life skills and encourages respect for things.

The emphasis is on giving children as many physical activities as possible and opportunities to learn from the real world in order to ‘grasp’ the world around them. The language used by adults allows all activities to encompass different areas. Mathematics can be learnt while children prepare food, for instance, as we give them the language of adding, subtracting, weighing and measuring.

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